Banking Instruments

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1) Basically, any asset purchased by an investor can be considered a financial instrument. Antique furniture, wheat and corporate bonds are all equally considered investing instruments; they can all be bought and sold as things that hold and produce value. Instruments can be debt or equity, representing a share of liability (a future repayment of debt) or ownership.

2) An economic variable that can be controlled or altered by government policymakers in to cause a desired effect in other economic indicators.

3) A legal document such as a contract, will or deed.

The Instrument

The Draft of the Clients instrument will be one that the issuing Bank considers appropriate given the conditions that the client gives preference to, because it is the issuing bank itself that has different types of models for each case. The basic requirements that the Bank Guarantee must meet are the following:

 • The asset must be placed on the customer’s account, With FULL BANK RESPONSIBILITY. 

• The asset must be completely available for the client.


• The asset should be workable via SWIFT (MT760 or  MT542) Depending on the type of asset.

• The asset has to be verified BANK TO BANK





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