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JL Thomas Consulting 2014


JL Thomas Consulting Is a financial solutions group. We may have a new name but its core is well seasoned veterans in Private Trade Banking and Wealth Management.


JLTC philosophy is simple. Our focus is on Private Trade & Wealth Building. We do not offer an array of products unlike other groups. This is our edge. We believe in being very good at one thing and less than average at many. Through each client is ‘Unique’… therefore, truly understanding our Clients’ needs and aspirations is center in the creation of our service. JLTC develops long term relationships based on mutual trust to secure, protect, increase capital and insure in utilizing our platforms. For Clients’ seeking privileges of profits and privacy advantages, we offer to exceed even the greatest thresholds.


Beyond all else the client’s Anonymity and Security is our first Priority. We have a small but very select Private Trade Groups and one of the top Banking Consortiums that is equally committed to Privacy. JLTC invites you for participation to make & sustainable financial transformation as a meaningful contribution to the world and society in general. With this year’s expansion agenda of the Private Trading Network, JLTC is looking far into the future to take on the responsibility in present time to provide the critically needed banking bridge to interconnect between concerned Corporations, Institutions, and Private Groups to formulate the banking financial insurance groundwork for further generations. While not without a continuum of profitability. Each Private Trading Bank serves as the prime vehicle and contributor in the transformative process and reinforcing long term change in all sectors of your economic needs.








As many of you are aware and some that are not, Private Trading is only the first Success Key. Once you are in a trading relationship with one or more of our select few of Private Charter Banking entities you will be opened to the rest of the Success Keys. Such as Wealth Management, Complete Client-centric Solutions, Banking & Fiancé, Investment Products and more.

One of the greatest concerns form our clients is growing and securing their financial position for their families and future generations. We have taken great efforts in providing you some the oldest and most reputable Global Private Banks possible.

2014 AND BEYOND…..

Therefore as JLTC’s Official Vision for 2014 (and beyond) we invite our concerned Clients of wealth and fortune to embark upon one of our Private Bank Charters as a profound vehicle for global economic prosperity & significant change in the coming years….

We invite you to play your roll in the future world economy as a JLTC Client.

Thank you,

Jeffery L Thomas

JL Thomas Consulting


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JL Thomas Consulting
USA  832-871-3626
CR 506-7194-7826
Skype: jefferylthomas



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