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J L Thomas Consulting Website

This site has been created for the sole purpose of providing clear and unbiased information regarding what has been dubbed Private Placement Programs (PPP)correctly known as Buy/Sell  programs as a funding method for your humanitarian project(s). There is a lot of disinformation on the internet that stems from second hand and misinformed brokers. Our goal is to clear up as many misnomers as possible and provide you with a well-rounded knowledge in advance of taking the first steps of entering into a private trade. We have taken great effort in providing true and correct information through exhaustive Due Diligence and research from reliable resources and personal experience. Before reviewing any of the following pages the statement (Rules of the Road) below is a  MUST READ.

Thank you on behalf of J L Thomas Consulting and Associates.

Jeffery L Thomas

JL Thomas Consulting
USA 832-871-3626
CR 506-7194-7826
Skype: jefferylthomas




If you would like further information or have a comment you would like to share with us please fill in the information below and write a comment or question. Also please put the best time to call you if you would like a call back.


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